Leather Repair Gel Color



100% Brand New and High Quality!
1 TUBE = Alterations, slight wear on a small area
4 TUBES (RECOMMENDED) = Armchair, car seat, damaged in several moderately large areas
10 TUBES = Sofas, or complete car upholstery rather very damaged
Use the color that most closely matches the color of the part to be repaired. BELINO-CUIR liquid leather for repair is a repair product and not a dye. It may therefore be necessary to use a paint or stain for leather and vinyl for an optimal rendering.

If you cannot find a matching color for your leather or vinyl, use the color NEUTRAL. The NEUTRAL color contains a white tint for the repair to be perfect. It may therefore be necessary to use a paint for leather and vinyl for an optimal rendering.

You will find our range of leather paints here: our BELINO leather and vinyl paints

For large tears or cracks, we recommend that you repeat step 2 and 3 several times for optimal results.
If you wish to re-color your leather after this repair, we recommend that you lightly level the repair area using 2000 grit sandpaper before applying the color.
20ml tube. Surface re-coloring after application may be necessary to unify the restoration of your surfaces.

Specifications: MANUAL:   1. Clean and degrease the surface to be repaired   2. Apply the liquid leather with a spatula, spreading it evenly   3. Wait for the surface to dry or use a hairdryer   4. The repair is complete!

Package Included: 1*20ml Leather Repair Gel