Phyto Lamp Timer Full Spectrum USB Grow Light


4 head With Tripod

Phyto Lamp Timer Full Spectrum USB Grow Light With Tripod 40W For Indoor Vegetable Seedling Flower Plant Tent Box Growth Lamp


4 in 1: LED floor grow lamp flexible goose neck design, provides a much wider coverage.

Blue light (460-465nm) can promote plant germination and seedling growth, red light (620-630nm)
can promote the plant flowering and fruiting, warm yellow light (380-800nm
high uniform light increase light intensity and good for whole plant growth phase.

Two Controller: Floor grow lamp comes with both the line-in controller and RF
controller(remote control distance 30m).

Auto On/Off Timer Function: 4/8/12 hours timer setting options according to plant needs,
set up once and it will turn on/off automatically every day.

Adjustable Tripod Height: First open the tripod and tighten the screws clockwise,
adjust height in turn and tighten screws, and finally place the grow lamp on the tripod
until they are fully seated.Adjustable tripod stand, especially perfect for large and tall plants.

3 Light Modes: The indoor grow lamp includes warm yellow light/red&blue light /mixed light.

4 Arms Tube: Floor plant light is great for all kinds of indoor plants.
Besides,the 4 arms tube is independently controlled and does not interfere with each other.


Product Name: 40W LED Grow Light
Material: Aluminum
LED Chips: 80pcs
Timing Setting: 4H/8H/12H,Can be turned on and off automatically at regular time every day
Voltage: 220V(Can access 110-240v range voltage)
Dimming: 9 cycles of dimming
Color of lamp beads: Full Spectrum
Light Source: Three-color switch, single bright red and blue light, single bright warm yellow light, full bright mixed light
Wavelength: Red: 620-630NM, Warm White: 380-800NM, Blue: 460-465NM
Hose Length: About 15inch
Lamp Length: About 11.5inch
Tripod Length: About 63.5inch(max)
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Package Included:

1 x 40W LED Plant Grow Light (USB/EU Plug/US Plug/UK Plug/AU Plug)
1 x Tripod
1 x RF Control (Not include the Battery CR2025)
1 x User Manual